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Source Code Review Services

What is Source Code Review 

source code review

Source code review involves going line by line through the source code to find any security vulnerabilities or backdoors in the application coding. It identifies potential vulnerabilities within the application, which allows those resulting from them to eliminate.

Our Source Code Review can find vulnerabilities that would go undetected during a traditional application test since our process is much more comprehensive and goes deeper into the design of the software.
In addition, GRC360’s Source Code Review can help uncover injection, cross-site scripting, CSRF, authentication, and session management vulnerabilities in bespoke and proprietary code sets.

Why you need Source Code Review 

In today’s digital ecosystem, websites and applications boast an array of features aimed at enriching user experiences. Behind these functionalities lies intricate code, carefully crafted by developers. However, this code, often reused across various components for efficiency, can harbor vulnerabilities. When left unchecked, these vulnerabilities have the potential to propagate swiftly through the entire application, compromising interconnected systems and disrupting business operations. 

The fallout from such breaches can be severe, encompassing financial losses and irreparable harm to brand reputation. Additionally, in the realm of network security, understanding the vulnerabilities inherent in Internet of Things (IoT) devices is paramount. These devices, ubiquitous in modern environments, serve as potential entry points for malicious entities. When compromised, they can be harnessed as botnets, orchestrating large-scale attacks capable of crippling servers, networks, or individual devices.

Amidst the evolving landscape of cyber threats, thorough source code reviews emerge as a cornerstone practice for mitigating risks and bolstering defenses against malicious intrusions. By delving into the intricacies of the codebase, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing robust security measures, organizations can proactively shield their digital assets and preserve the trust of their customers. Such diligence not only safeguards against potential breaches but also reinforces the resilience of digital infrastructures in an increasingly interconnected world.

source code review


Our Approach

1. Consultant Selection and Expertise: At least one consultant with relevant programming experience is assigned to every project. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience in security, ensuring a comprehensive review of your codebase.

2. Preparation Phase: During this phase, we conduct a thorough review of your application and develop a comprehensive threat assessment plan. This preparation sets the foundation for a meticulous code review process.

3. Code Review Methods: We employ three primary methods for code review: automated, manual, or a combination of both. Each method ensures thorough examination of your code for vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Automated Review: Utilizing advanced tools and algorithms, we meticulously analyze all sequences of code, comparing them against desired outputs. This automated process provides efficient detection of potential issues.

Manual Review: Our experts conduct a manual examination of your application code, identifying errors, insecure cryptographic methods, and platform-specific issues. This hands-on approach ensures thorough scrutiny for logical errors and vulnerabilities.

4. Reporting and Analysis: Following the assessment phase, we compile a detailed, easy-to-understand report. This report includes criticality levels, identified risks, and their technical and business impacts. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive remediation strategy for each discovered vulnerability.

5. Expert Guidance for Compliance: Our team of experts is ready to assist you in taking the next steps toward ensuring your company conforms to industry standards. By implementing our recommendations, you can safeguard both your organization and your consumers, achieving compliance and enhancing security measures.

source code review

Our Services


Ensures Consistency in Design and Implementation

During the development phase, disparate coding styles among developers can lead to collaboration issues and hinder project progress. Our code review process establishes standardized coding practices, promoting consistency in design and implementation across the entire codebase. By adhering to a unified coding standard, we streamline collaboration and enhance overall project efficiency.


Improves Code Quality

Detecting and addressing minor issues early in the development cycle prevents them from escalating into major problems. Our code review process identifies potential issues and vulnerabilities, ensuring that the final code deployed is of high quality and reliability.


Facilitates Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Code review fosters collaboration among developers, providing opportunities to exchange ideas, techniques, and best practices. By encouraging interaction and discussion, our code review process promotes continuous learning and improvement, resulting in a more skilled and cohesive development team.


Accelerates Results

Through comprehensive code analysis, we swiftly identify flaws and vulnerabilities, eliminating the need for extensive testing cycles. Access to the entire codebase allows for efficient detection and resolution of issues, leading to faster project completion and deployment.


Enables Thorough Analysis

While application security tests may overlook certain areas, our code review process ensures thorough analysis of all aspects of the codebase. From data handling and validation logic to internal interfaces and integrations, no part of the application is left unexamined, mitigating potential security risks.


Generates Comprehensive Reports

Beyond mere review, we provide detailed reports outlining our findings and recommended solutions. These comprehensive reports empower you and your team to make informed decisions and prioritize remediation efforts effectively.


Overcomes Testing Limitations

Automated scans may miss certain vulnerabilities or attack surfaces, but our code review process complements testing efforts by identifying flaws in design, insecure coding practices, and weak algorithms. This comprehensive approach ensures that all potential security threats are addressed.


Provides Customized Solutions

Our team meticulously evaluates your codebase, identifying vulnerabilities and providing tailored solutions customized to your developers’ needs. From best practices to specific coding improvements, we equip your team with the knowledge and tools to enhance the security and resilience of your software.

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