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Security Architecture Design & Review Services

What is Security Architecture Review

Security architecture reviews are non-disruptive studies that uncover systemic security issues in your environment. They are ideally suited for organizations wanting to maximize their return on any security technology investment by evaluating their needs and validating the security of their existing deployments. The result is an actionable roadmap to help remediate identified security deficiencies.

A security architecture review is a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s security infrastructure, policies, and procedures. It aims to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential risks in the security architecture, such as network configurations, access controls, and data protection mechanisms. The review typically involves evaluating the organization’s adherence to industry standards and best practices, identifying areas for improvement, and providing recommendations to enhance overall security posture.


Earn trust with potential business partners and customers

By conducting Architecture Design & Review can help in retaining trustworthiness of potential business partners and customers, especially when competing to be a vendor for a major organization.

Adequate network segmentation

Secure Architecture Design & Review ensures network segmentation to prevent attackers from compromising the whole infrastructure with a single point of failure.

Improved network infrastructure documentation

GRC360 incorporates best practices to improve robust network documentation that incorporates key network components, segmentation, logging, policies, procedures and a reliable network diagram.

Standardization across existing network

Secure Architecture Design & Review ensures standardization, which makes it easier among auditors to determine and address discrepancies of the network infrastructure in the future.

When Should a Review Be Performed?

security architecture

Organizations should undertake a security architecture review under the following conditions:

  • You experience a security breach.
  • You are planning a network redesign or expansion.
  • Your business expansion needs exceed current network capacity.
  • You need more insights/data into your network environment.
  • You want to reduce the burden of regulatory compliance (e.g., PCI, HIPAA).
  • You think vulnerabilities are present in your network infrastructure.
  • You have contract obligations with business partners and customers.
  • Your business is planning or recently completed a merger or acquisition.
  • Changes have been applied to your network environment.
  • Major upgrades were performed to your network environment.

Our Approach

  1. Initial Assessment: We begin by assessing the current state of the organization’s security architecture, including LAN, WAN, remote access, wireless, and security operations.

  2. Methodology Alignment: Our approach aligns with industry standards and best practices, including guidelines from NIST and CIS. We incorporate tactical experience gained from working with various industries.

  3. Data Collection: We gather information through interviews with key personnel, review of system documentation, and extraction of configuration data from security devices.

  4. Analysis: We analyze the collected data to identify observations, perceived deficiencies, and potential vulnerabilities in the security architecture.

  5. Recommendations: Based on our analysis, we provide actionable recommendations for remediation to address security gaps and improve the overall security posture.

  6. Documentation Enhancement: We focus on improving network infrastructure documentation to include key components, segmentation, logging, policies, procedures, and reliable network diagrams.

  7. Standardization: Our approach ensures standardization across the existing network, making it easier for auditors to identify and address discrepancies in the future.

  8. Continuous Improvement: We emphasize the importance of ongoing monitoring and updates to adapt to changes in the organization’s network environment and emerging security threats.

GRC360 has developed its extensive security architecture review methodology based upon guidelines developed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and CIS (The Center for Internet Security) as well as tactical experience gained through engaging with companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Using information gathered during interviews with key personnel, system documentation and configuration data extracted from security devices, we assess the current state of your technical security posture and produce actionable remediation steps to address perceived security gaps.

Our Services


Architecture Design & Review:

Conducting thorough reviews of existing security architectures to uncover systemic security issues and validate the effectiveness of current deployments.


Network Segmentation:

Ensuring adequate network segmentation to prevent attackers from compromising the entire infrastructure through a single point of failure.


Improved Documentation:

Enhancing network infrastructure documentation to incorporate best practices, including key components, segmentation, logging, policies, procedures, and reliable network diagrams.



 Ensuring standardization across the existing network infrastructure to facilitate easier identification and resolution of discrepancies by auditors in the future.


Actionable Roadmap:

Providing organizations with actionable roadmaps based on review findings, observations, perceived deficiencies, and remediation recommendations.

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