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Purple Team

Purple teams provide a holistic approach to cyber security practice, prioritizing both the offensive and defensive tactics to keep organization assets secure. The role of purple teams is to give organizations a connected unit between red and blue teams.

The purple team is designed as a feedback bridge between the red and blue teams, modifying their approach to be more proactive, direct and in the end, more effective in terms of an organization’s overall security posture. The Purple team is a security practice which allows for sharing of intelligence data between the Red Team and Blue Team, supporting real-time feedback and communicating their insights with one another.

Purple Team Best Practices

If an organization is looking into improving its current red team and blue team practices by implementing Purple Team, the following steps should be considered.

Make sure everyone is in the right role

Collaboration and communication are key points, and it’s vital for both teams to share their findings and assist each other, you should never expect red teamers to engage in the full vulnerability management process nor to hold the Blue Team responsible as expert hackers.

Establishing clear roles and expectations for each team, while keeping communication open goes far in ensuring a successful Purple Team methodology.

Never skip planning

In order to acquire the most benefit from the exercise, start by concisely defining goals. if the organization is working on improving security alerts, or on security policies and processes as well as verifying how well employees can protect themselves against social engineering.

Track and revise the process

Before implementing the security remediations, revise, verify and track each step clearly, assess every task before moving on to the next, and always follow up.

Benefits of Purple Team

  • Provide more effective vulnerability detection
  • Create healthier cybersecurity culture by integrating Blue Team with the Red Team.
  • Improve Security and design exercise.

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