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Control Objectives for Information Technologies- (COBIT) is a best-practice IT Governance Framework developed by the ISACA in order to specifically manage IT Governance and IT management. COBIT defines the components and design factors to build and sustain a best-fit governance system. It provides a set of controls not only to implement in IT but also to organize them around the framework of information technology-related processes. It helps organizations to create optimal value from IT.  Organizations regardless of their sizes and types of business can benefit from it.

It helps in organizing the objectives of IT governance and bringing in the best practices in IT processes and domains while linking business requirements.

COBIT separates the process design activity by segregating it as follows:

  • Governance objectives are grouped in the Evaluate, Direct, and Monitor (EDM) In this domain, the governing body evaluates strategic options, directs senior management on the chosen strategic options and monitors the achievement of the strategy.
  • Management Objectives are grouped into four domains:
    • Align, Plan and Organize (APO)addresses the overall organization, strategy and supporting activities
    • Build, Acquire and Implement (BAI)treats the definition, acquisition, and implementation of solutions and their integration in business processes
    • Deliver, Service and Support (DSS)addresses the operational delivery and support of services, including security
    • Monitor, Evaluate and Assess (MEA)addresses performance monitoring and conformance with internal performance targets, internal control objectives and external requirements

COBIT 2019 is comprised of the COBIT Core Model that contains two main domain Governance and Management. These two domains consist of 40 Objectives. Additionally, The 6 Principles and 6 process capability levels. The process capability levels are used to assess the level of the existing practices against the COBIT 40 process.

Process Capability Levels

We develop the IT Governance framework, Gap assessment report, Policies, procedures, and maturity assessment report etc. against COBIT for our client.

Gap Assessment

Our professional consultant team have vast experience and competencies in this domain. Our experts team assess existing practices of the organization against COBIT and develop the work plan in order to provide a comprehensive solution. Our consultants have delivered their COBIT framework services to numerous clients in a timely fashion.

The COBIT Governance Framework aims to provide detailed guidelines to the organization on the overall facets of the technology environment. This Framework focuses on providing baseline requirements to enterprise that have been extracted from multiple best practice frameworks and standards. The requirements that are generally covered against this framework are segregated in the following areas:

  • Portfolio Management
  • ICT Continuity
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Quality Management
  • IT Governance
  • Information Security Management
  • Information System Acquisition and development
  • IT Operations and Service Management

Our professional team assess and evaluate the existing practices of the organization and perform multiple tasks against the COBIT Framework requirements to deliver services to our clients.

Benefits of Implementing COBIT 2019

  • Optimized IT
  • Alignment between IT and business goals
  • Guarantee Compliance with Regulations
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Works well with other frameworks
  • Customizable to suit your priorities