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API Penetration Testing

API penetration testing is an ethical hacking process to assess the security of the API design. API tests involve attempting to exploit identified issues and reporting them to strengthen the API to prevent unauthorized access or a data breach.

Our comprehensive API pen testing services will help you ensure that your API endpoints are designed and configured according to best practices. Our report will provide an analysis of the current functionality of your API to ensure they are safely supporting your web application or mobile application. Through this type of security testing, you will readily see how API endpoint vulnerabilities can impact your business, including specific detail on how the Confidentiality, Availability, and Integrity of your systems could be impacted. The results of our security testing will help you prioritize which vulnerabilities to consider for immediate remediation and how best to use your budget to maximize strength and resilience in your cybersecurity posture.

Our API pen testing services consist of manual testing and automated testing. While automated testing enables efficiency, it effectively provides efficiency only during the initial phases of a penetration test. At Red Team Security, we believe that an effective and comprehensive penetration test can only be realized through rigorous manual testing techniques.

Benefits of API Penetration testing

  • API testing validates the security of your methods and corresponding data. Our professional Consultants team work to ensure the functionality of the business logic remains intact, and that data is safely transferred from web applications or mobile applications to other systems or databases
  • Building regular web API updates and frequent testing into your workflow will help ensure a dependable performance and prevent the build-up of costly remediation.
  • API security reduces the likelihood that an attacker will exfiltrate data and compromise your application.