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Mobile Penetration Testing

Mobile Penetration Testing emulates the security breach or attack that is specifically targeting a custom mobile application (iOS and/or Android) and try to enumerate all weaknesses within the applications that could lead to a data loss.

GRC360 Pen test experts are highly trained and experienced. our pen testers during the test, (the security experts specialized in pen testing) intercept the traffic between the mobile application and the API. They verify how the request is written, they add elements, modify fields, and receive more information in order to protect the data.

Our penetration testers test the mobile application installed on the smartphone as well as the API used by the mobile app, and the server on which the app is hosted.

For the mobile application, our team tested:

  • Data storage,
  • Network communication (communication with the API),
  • Platform interaction – local identification,
  • Security configurations (signature, debug…),
  • Source code (that is available with the mobile app).

And for the API and the server, we test:

  • Every functionality,
  • Server and its different services (web, mail, FTP, SSH…),
  • Security configurations of each element,
  • Implementation & usage of the third-party components

The results of the tests are recorded and reported. We document very precisely what has been tested and what was found. The developers will be using the report to remediate the vulnerabilities.

It’s mostly a technical report. Everything that was tested is listed, and its details:                                                                                                                                          

  • which flaws were found,
  • where they were found,
  • what they are,
  • why they are an issue, and how they can be used by attackers,
  • how they were exploited during the penetration testing,
  • and remediation recommendations to correct them.

The vulnerabilities are rated by taking into consideration the probability and potential impact. Our professional team conduct the test to eliminate the following vulnerabilities if discover during the test.

Ten mobile penetration testing Vulnerabilities

  • Improper Platform Usage
  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Insecure Communication
  • Insecure Authentication
  • Insufficient Cryptography
  • Insecure Authorization
  • Client Code Quality
  • Code Tampering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Extraneous Functionality

Benefits of Mobile Penetration Testing

  • Assess real-world mobile app security vulnerabilities
  • Validate secure design best practices
  • Increased flexibility and productivity of users through secure mobile offerings.
  • Ensure strong authentication, authorisation, and encryption mechanisms
  • Find a mobile app or device loopholes to avoid data leakage or theft