Wireless Penetration Testing

A wireless network can also pose a security risk to your organization if it is left unsecured, and hence needs thorough testing. The test is conducted by simulating an attacker who tries to identify and exploit weaknesses, and then penetrates into the wireless system. The attacker may attempts to gain further access to internal wired resources like servers, switches routers, and other sensitive information.

At GRC 360, we help organizations to

  • Discover authorized and unauthorized access points and wireless networks
  • Identify all the devices that are interacting with the given wireless network
  • Gather all information related to security protocols and encryption used, if any
  • Evaluate encryption used in a given wireless network
  • Replicate Man-in-the-Middle attacks and evaluate the risk
  • Help simulate a real-world attacker trying to gain access using Wireless
  • Generate report and remediation strategies for optimum wireless network security