Application Penetration Testing Services

An application penetration test, including thick or web application penetration testing,  helps organizations discover vulnerabilities in the software application, exhibit the impact of threats and weaknesses, and propose mitigation measures. Today, it has become a major concern for organizations to handle their confidential data with the increased use of Web applications. As much convenient as it is to use a Web-based application, it also comes with increased risk.

We at GRC 360 provide our clients with a complete application penetration test of both internal and external applications that require either remote or onsite testing through our application security team. Our services can be utilized for standard as well as custom applications like web applications, thin-client applications, thick client applications, embedded applications, games and system applications.

We aim to achieve the following goals while conducting an application penetration test:

  • To identify flaws in the security design
  • To Identify security vulnerabilities
  • To evaluate application security in accordance with industry accepted standards like OWASP
  • To simulate an attack against an application by employing automated and manual techniques
  • To expose threats arising out of the application’s interaction with the IT infrastructure
  • To help develop end-user reliability in the security of the application as a whole