Security solutions for Telecommunications and Mobile Industry

Information security holds immense importance in the telecommunications industry. The telecom sector deals with confidential customer data that needs to be safeguarded at all levels. Because of a highly complex environment, telecom companies are prone to large number of IT security threats at all times. Competition between different telecom service providers has made it all the more important for each provider to build and maintain a good standing among the customers. In this industry, it is very important to maintain customer loyalty, and any small breach in protection of customer data can badly damage the company’s positioning.

GRC 360 helps telecom companies to develop and implement information security policies and procedures that are unique to their security requirements. By utilizing the exceptional services of our consultants, our clients can be sure that all their security needs are fully addressed at all organizational levels. We not only help in developing the policies but we also ensure that they are updated according to the evolving industry standards. Our comprehensive IT security procedures ensure the protection of your IT infrastructure by covering critical areas such as customer credit card information, identity theft, service interruptions, defacement of websites, etc.

We help our telecommunications and mobile industry clients interpret and implement international telecommunications security standards and guidelines such as ITU-T 2012 (An overview of issues and the deployment of existing ITU-T Recommendations for secure telecommunications) and ITU-T X.800 – X.849 series (Guidelines for implementing system and network security) which includes ISO 7498-2, ISO TR 13594, ISO 10745, ISO 18028-2, ISO 10181-x series, ISO 11586-x series, ISO 15816, ISO TR 14516 and ISO 15945
Here are few of deliverables:

  • Gap Analysis agains Industry Best Practices
  • Consultancy and expert advise to customise, adopt and implement best practices
  • Periodic reviews to identify Gaps and further areas of Improvements
  • Risk Assessments & Risk Management Plans
  • Penetration Testing, Source Code Review & Configuration Audits