Social Engineering Testing

Social Engineering allows organizations to identify and validate vulnerabilities related to the awareness of employees about the security policies and procedures of the organization, and their compliance towards keeping confidential information safe. In a social engineering test, a penetration tester usually mimics an attack to evaluate how an employee responds to any attempt by an outsider to gain access to sensitive data.

Our Social Engineering Pentest services are based upon various remote and onsite techniques. Remote techniques include targeted emails (spear phishing) and telephones through which employees are tested to determine effectiveness of security awareness and see if they disclose any sensitive information, open unreliable programs or interact with any unfamiliar websites. Onsite social engineering is also conducted by engaging users personally with an individual. These tests are conducted based upon the specific requirements of our clients.

GRC 360 Social Engineering testing services help organizations in the following ways:

  • Enabling them to develop an understanding of the risk levels brought in by employees
  • Providing a thorough report and a mitigation plan along with recommendations
  • Educating and training the employees about the risks associated with social engineering
  • Implementing and communicating security policies and procedures effectively to end users