Penetration Testing Training

The increase in cyber attacks in recent years has raised the need for IT experts to equip themselves with network security and penetration testing skills. The purpose of penetration testing is to attack a network or system by using techniques used by attackers, so as to identify vulnerabilities and fix loopholes before an actual hacking attempt takes place.

Our penetration testing training aims to prepare the participants to deal with information security issues within an organization. Training participants are given in-depth knowledge of penetration testing tools and techniques and also taught how they should be utilised in a careful and professional manner. They learn step-by-step process for executing intranet, internet and host-level attacks. Our training not only provides them with an understanding of how real attacks are planned and executed, but also prepares them to develop countermeasure strategies.


  • Participants will learn about latest network and application vulnerabilities and defences
  • Participants will get a complete illustration of each technology’s default security position, installation weaknesses, methods used by hackers to evade secure settings and countermeasure strategies
  • Participants will learn to secure and harden a network’s security by understanding industry best practices and guidelines

Who Should Attend?

Network administrators, IT managers, system engineers, information security professionals, firewall administrators, penetration testers and anyone who has interest in penetration testing and network security.