PCI Pin Transaction Security (PTS): Gap Analysis & Consultancy

The PCI PIN Transaction Security (PCI-PTS) deals with the logical or physical security of point-of-sale devices. Recently, attackers have been focusing more on POS devices to track user data because they are easier to get access to. As most of these devices have not been updated for latest encryption technology or are unable to clear memory automatically, they are more vulnerable to attackers. The PCI Security Standards Council released it Version 3 of PCI PTS to ensure that information remains secure during such transactions.

GRC 360 is your ideal partner to assess the security of your payment terminal. We implement solid measures to ensure that any attacks on these terminals can be fully detected and audited. Our PCI consultants are there to guide you with regular upgrading of your systems and fully comply with all the requirements laid down by PCI SSC. Our thorough gap analysis helps organizations measure the current security procedures against the actual requirements of PCI PTS, and provide a detailed report on areas that need upgrading. Our report will provide a step by step explanation of each requirement and its applicability according to your needs.

Devices eligible for evaluation and approval include the following product types:

  • PIN Entry Devices (PEDs)
  • Encrypting PIN Pads (EPPs)
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)
  • Unattended Payment Terminals (UPTs)
  • Secure Card Readers (SCRs)