PCI DSS Training

Payment card industry data security standard might seem straightforward at first glance, but experience has shown that during implementation of the standards there are a lot of pitfalls which can be avoided or overcome if one has sufficient background information regarding intent of the standard.

Our customized PCI DSS training session will enable your compliance team to make a smooth and cost-efficient journey towards compliance by understanding and implementing PCI standards in your organization. You will learn what specific actions should be taken, what order should they be in, how long would they take and how much would they cost.


  • Gain insight into PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Learn techniques to discover cardholder data in your environment
  • Discover strategies to reduce the scope of compliance
  • Learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Share the experience of addressing the challenges faced by banks during compliance
  • Learn fast track approach to implement PCI DSS control set in your environment
  • Earn GCPLI (GRC360 Certified PCI DSS Lead Implementer)
  • Get advice on achieving and maintaining compliance

Who Should Attend?

The PCI DSS Training is helpful for anyone who is supposed to come into contact with payment or credit card information and would like to develop a background on the standard and its requirements.