PCI DSS Ver. 3 GAP Analysis, Consultancy & Certification

The Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) was established in order to protect cardholder data from fraud and thefts. All organizations, whether services provider or merchant, that deal with transactions through payment cards such as debit and credit card, need to be compliant to this standard on annual basis. Version 3 of PCI DSS was released by the PCI Security Standards Council on 7th Nov, 2013, which marked the start of a new three year cycle of the standard.

GRC 360 can help you undergo transition to version 3 of the standard with the help of its qualified PCI DSS experts. We will help you implement the changes by making security measures more flexible and by ensuring that security is seen as a shared responsibility in your organization.

Besides providing compliance solutions, our experts also conduct a gap analysis of your organization to measure the current security controls against the version 3 contractual requirements. Our constant support and guidance through our recommendations help our clients to pinpoint any noncompliance and take remedial measures. Before an organization moves into the validation stage, it is thus sure that all requirements have been totally fulfilled. An onsite audit is conducted by our PCI audit team for self assessment and a Report on Compliance is presented. Based upon that, we provide the required certification to credit and debit card banks.