Network Penetration Testing

A Network Penetration Test is done in order to evaluate the ability of a network to endure or hold up to an attack. It is an act of ethical hacking in which authorized individuals try to hack into your network and make an attempt to safely exploit its vulnerabilities usually by simulating an attacker. A penetration test or a pen-test plays an important role in testing and formulating defense mechanisms of IT infrastructures.

As a general practice, it is conducted using a blend of automated tools and manual process allowing penetration testers attempt systematically to compromise Network devices, routers, firewalls, load-balancers, servers, and many other applicable exposure points. The vulnerabilities thus identified after successful penetration tests are then reported to network and IT managers in order to evaluate, prioritize and remediate security risks.

At GRC 360, we have a team of highly qualified consultants who use methodologies based upon industry standard frameworks like OSSTMM. Moreover, we have qualified professionals possessing industry certifications like GPEN, ECSA, CEH and CISSP. Our specialized network penetration services help organizations evaluate their current security posture by recognizing their weaknesses and vulnerabilities and how an attacker can exploit them. Automated as well as manual tests are performed in order to fully detect complex security problems, revealing network vulnerabilities and validating the findings. A detailed report is then prepared that includes findings, recommendations along with remediation advise to fix the reported vulnerabilities.