Network Architecture Review

The network architecture and infrastructure of an organization develops over time according to the changing needs of the business. This evolution of changes in the network may result in deviation from industry standards with the passage of time and needs to be reviewed from time to time. A network architecture review provides an insight into vulnerabilities, access controls, redundancy, management and visibility of an organization’s servers, web applications and network.

GRC 360 can help conduct Network Architecture reviews for its clients to evaluate their network infrastructure. This is done by carrying out a systematic assessment of all the architecture layers where we scrutinize existing network topology and the application of security controls such as network segmentation, firewalls, IDS/IPS. A review of the gaps in security controls is then compared against the security goals of the organization.

Our Network Architecture Review services cover the following major elements

  • Security architecture design assumptions
  • Existing network topology
  • Record of current security technologies
  • Network segmentation and access controls
  • Contingency planning and business continuity readiness
  • Access and integration of partners and third parties
  • Gap analysis of incomplete and wrongly executed security controls