Mobile Application Penetration Testing

As mobile applications have become more dominant in the recent years, this evolution has given rise to a new range of threats that was perhaps not significant in the traditional world of web applications.

Supported by our expertise in application penetration testing, we evaluate mobile application security for all major platforms for our clients i.e. Android, iOS & Windows mobile. The testing is done by simulating a number of attacks using similar techniques as used by real attacker, thus attempting to exploit the application to retrieve confidential information, bypass controls and/or attack on Integrity of data.

With the help of our mobile application penetration testing, organizations are usually able to

  • Assess the security of new or already deployed mobile applications
  • Evaluate mobile application specific security areas like local storage, local databases etc.
  • Evaluate platform related vulnerabilities and how they affect the application and other infrastructure
  • Evaluate how other applications can affect the security of specific mobile application.
  • Evaluate the impact of various bypass techniques including escaping from sandboxing provided by underlying operating systems
  • Evaluate and report any possible breach of data to the top management and related stakeholders