ISO 27004 Security Metrics

The ISO 27004 was published in 2009 and includes a set of best practices for the measurement of the effectiveness of the ISMS (Information Security Management System) in an organization. This standard clearly specifies what, when and how to measure the factors associated with the currently implemented ISMS, and how to establish its success criteria and performance measures. It helps organizations in achieving a successful and effective implementation of their ISMS, and to target and measure their performance with the help of Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle.

Our consultants are here to guide you in step wise evaluation of your ISMS, developed in compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. Our team is not only specialized in implementation of ISO 27001, but also in controlling and monitoring of ISMS according to ISO 27004. We will help you develop the metrics and performance indicators according to ISO 27004 and measure your current ISMS performance against these metrics. Our consultants also possess substantial experience in the implementation of a step wise improvement program. We strive to provide convenience to our clients by simplifying the course of action to measure, report and improve ISMS effectiveness in fulfillment with information security metrics laid down by ISO 27004.