ISO 22301: GAP Analysis & Consultancy Services

The ISO 22301 is a best practice management system standard for Business Continuity Management that is designed to be used by organizations of all types and sizes. It states all necessary steps to be taken by a management system to guard against and recover a business from a disrupting incident. The ability of organizations to continue their operations during the course of a disaster or disruption is vital for the organization as well as its customers and other stakeholders. Organizations that successfully undertake ISO 22301 certification can assure their customers, regulators and other stakeholders that they have adopted standard procedures to cope with business continuity risks.

We provide flexible services for the implementation of the standard to suit the needs of our clients. Our experienced consultants ensure your readiness to identify conformance, strengths and weaknesses of the current processes. We help you to take the course of improvements in order to achieve complete conformance with ISO 22301. We also provide ongoing support after the achievement of certification on demand of our clients.

Our certified lead auditors conduct Gap Analysis of your organization by measuring the existing disaster recovery practices against the best practice requirements of ISO 22301 standard. A gap analysis report is presented at the end to indicate the current standing of the company and the areas where improvement is needed.

With the implementation of ISO 22301, our clients will be able to:

  • Identify and manage existing and future business threats
  • Adopt a proactive approach towards reducing the impact of incidents
  • Manage to keep important business operations up and running in times of crisis
  • Reduce downtime during incidents and speed up recovery time
  • Improve organizational resiliency