Information Security Program Management

GRC 360’s Information Security Program Management allows organizations to create and manage an information security program in order to mitigate risks, provide defense against cyber threats and meet all regulatory criteria of information security.

Our experts work closely with the clients to better understand their security strategy, establish comprehensive goals, and review current security policies and procedures. A program is then designed to assess and monitor the security in accordance with the organizational strategy and industry standards. These policies, plans and procedures are then integrated into day-to-day operations of the organization.

Our Information Security Program Management process covers the following main tasks:

  • Assessing the Information Security to evaluate the current position of the security program
  • Developing a list of tasks in order of priority according to organizational goals
  • Monitoring the implementation of the tasks on regular basis and controlling the change in security priorities wherever required
  • Conducting a new assessment at the end of the year to measure the progress of the security program
  • Developing a list of tasks for the next year