Firewall & Router Rule-set Review Services

Organizations nowadays are relying on firewalls for protecting their networks, and it is important to ensure that these firewalls are serving the very purpose. In compliance with the PCI DSS standard requirements, we suggest bi-annual firewall rule-set reviews to our clients. Our consultants at GRC 360 are proficient at conducting thorough inspection of firewall configurations, with the sole purpose to identify any existing or potential security breach in your network. We encourage our clients to regularly undergo these reviews to proactively deal with possible threats, and to keep the rules updated according to changing business needs.

Our in-depth rule-set review helps organizations pinpoint any nonessential and incoherent rules exposing a network to internal and external risks. A complete and concise report is presented to the security administrators to prioritize the rules according to remediation and in conformity with the best standard practices.