Enterprise Architecture Consulting based on SABSA & TOGAF

Organizations are now more conscious and realize the importance of Enterprise Architecture, with special emphasis on the cohesion and implementation of business strategy and IT enterprise security. The primary objective of this alignment is to create effective decisions in IT security architecture to manage business, data, application, and technology domains. SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) and TOGAF (The Open Group Application Framework) together create a good mix to connect the “security architecture” and “enterprise architecture” approaches.

GRC 360 provides consultancy services in Enterprise Architecture and enables organizations to optimize their IT and business strategies by creating a positive blend of both disciplines. Our consultants are knowledgeable in Enterprise Architecture methodologies and well versed with integrating both security and service frameworks together.

Secure access to organizational information and network systems has become a challenging task for businesses because it is no longer controllable with mere policies and component level restrictions. Our consultancy services are based upon SABSA and TOGAF frameworks to ensure security architecture at network, hardware, OS, Data and application levels. Our well versed consultants can determine gaps and prepare realistic and convenient strategies for the implementation of security architecture. This helps to eliminate all current and future threats. We provide effective solutions for a smooth development of Enterprise Architecture.