eCommerce & Online Business Solutions

Online shopping trend has increased tremendously in the past few years. Considering this trend, more and more businesses have been indulging in the ecommerce industry for the convenience of their customers. However, at the same time it has provided opportunity for cyber criminals to get hold of financial information of consumers including credit card and bank account numbers. In case of breach of data, the seller has to be financially accountable for any loss to the consumer. The customer also experiences major inconvenience and may never buy from the same seller again. Keeping confidential information of customers secure is hence a primary concern for businesses involved in ecommerce.

In order to ensure the success of an e-commerce business, different countries have set up effective legal rules and regulations. Governments and organizations have been introducing programs to guide consumers and ecommerce businesses to securely deal with online transactions. They need to develop a complete understanding of the ecommerce environment and related legal issues. For this reason, businesses need the consultation of a professional organization to help them in dealing with information security issues.

We at GRC 360 provide the right assistance to ecommerce businesses with our trainings, customized information security policies, penetration tests and risk assessments. We understand that application developers are usually not adept at understanding information security issues and may generate exploitable security loopholes while designing the applications. Hence, we offer guidance during the process of mapping of design goals of e-commerce websites. We have a proven track record in network defense and penetration and have proven our technical worth with our long term clients. Our services not only include the implementation but also the monitoring of best security practices for ecommerce businesses